Our Story

Growtitude was established in 2022 during the post-Covid-19 recovery period in Singapore. The pandemic highlighted the importance of food security and we decided to heed the challenge and build a microgreens farm in the highly urbanized city-state of Singapore. Microgreens quickly became our choice of produce as they are essentially baby plant bombs that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, not to mention extremely therapeutic to grow. 

We started with a simple mission – to grow nutritious microgreens locally in Singapore and make them affordable so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of consuming microgreens.

Being the first microgreens farm in Singapore was a challenge as most people have never heard of microgreens, what more tasted it. Despite the obstacles, we poured our efforts into building Growtitude believing in the goodness of microgreens and that the produce will speak for itself. At Growtitude, microgreens farming is not just a passion, it is a craft that we are committed to hone and master.

To ensure the finest quality, we use premium non-GMO seeds carefully sourced from Italy. Our produce are 100% pesticide, herbicide and insecticide free. Our farm employs innovative technologies, automation and lean manufacturing techniques to drive down farming costs and translate the savings to our customers. We also hire and train local talents to tend to our farm as part of the Singaporean-for-Singaporean spirit. 

We appreciate and thank you for your continuous support. Together, we can make the consumption of microgreens mainstream in Singapore. 

Growtitude – Microgreens done right