Microgreens Done Right
Here in Singapore

Microgreens Done Right
Here in Singapore

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Grown in Singapore

Our microgreens are grown and harvested in Singapore.

Low farm to fork mileage ensure that your microgreens are always delivered fresh.

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No Pesticide or Herbicide

We are 100% pesticide and herbicide free!

We undergo stringent tests and inspections to ensure food safety and regulatory compliance.

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Non-GMO Seeds

We use non-GMO and untreated seeds

Our lean seed inventory ensures healthy crops and higher yield.

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Nutritious and Fun

Microgreens are extremely nutritious and fun to add to your daily meals.

You are missing out in life if you haven't tasted microgreens!

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Good things need not be expensive.

Our product are reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of microgreens.

Packed Microgreens

Microgreens are extremely nutritious and packed with exquisite flavours. Our carefully curated microgreen mix can easily make any of your meals gourmet.



Wholesale Order

It is a misconception that microgreens are expensive and can only be used as garnish. 

At Growtitude, our high yield farming technology allows us to significantly increase yield and translate them into saving for our customers. 

We strive to provide affordable microgreens by matching the price of our microgreens to their mature counterparts (baby & leafy greens), by weight!

Microgreens are superior substitutes for your salad base, both in terms of appearance and taste. Try some today!

Live Microgreen Trays

Giving chefs new gourmet flavours to play with. 

Our live tray allows you to harvest fresh microgreens just when you need it, giving you more control over the freshness and aesthetics of the microgreens.

Microgreens and Sprouting Seeds Supply

Whether you are a passionate farmer or hobbyist, we got you covered on your microgreens and sprouting seed supply. 

Our seeds are pesticides free and certified non-GMO. It’s crucial to use untreated seeds for sprouting or microgreens cultivation as you do not want nasty chemicals leeching into your crops due to their short grow cycle. 

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are baby plants that are older than sprouts but younger than baby greens. They are typically grown until their cotyledon (kaa-tuh-lee-dn) leaves have truly developed but just before the emergence of their first set of true leavesEssentially, all edible plants harvested at this stage are considered microgreens. 

Microgreens are extremely nutrient dense and can contain up to 40 times more nutrients when compared to their mature counterpart by weight. 

Unlike leafy greens that taste greenish or bland, microgreens pack a range of flavours that are unique to themselves. They are so delicious that you can eat them by themselves without salad dressing!  

Check out our collection of recipes to find out how microgreens can make your everyday meal more nutritious and flavorful.

Shop fresh microgreens and seeds at our shop on Shopee and Lazada today!

A hearty mix of nutrient dense super greens that doesn’t taste too bitter or greenish. Taste like mild hard boiled eggs, 


A spicy mix that combines the spiciness kick from wasabi, pepperiness from arugula, and a sweet earthy aftertaste